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Our team of canine physiotherapists aim to solve your dog’s mobility and fitness challenges using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation techniques and positive behaviour modification. We support you with specialist advice and devise an individual treatment programme to meet your dog’s specific needs. Whatever your dog’s age or problem we achieve real improvement so together you continue your timeless partnership.

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Hattie’s Story >

Hattie is a 6 year old Boxer and damaged her cruciate ligament, an injury sustained by a lot of Boxers, approximately 2 years ago.

Toffee’s Story >

Toffee who is my 5 year old border terrier has been attending K9HS and seen by Barbara and the team since she was just over a year old...

Mr Darcy’s Story >

My name is Mr Darcy and I am a short-haired Chihuahua. I am highly intelligent and although I say it myself, very handsome!

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