About Us

Our clinical services offer you:

    • A canine centred and owner focused approach to solve your dog’ mobility and fitness needs using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation techniques and positive behaviour solutions
    • Our team are all advanced veterinary physiotherapists who specialise in hydrotherapy, canine rehabilitation and canine athletic fitness plans
    • A suite of therapy rooms that include 2 wet rooms with state of the art hydrotherapy facilities that include a bespoke canine hydro pool and underwater treadmill

Our team

Barb Houlding GradDipPhys, MScVetPhys, MCSP, FIRVAP

As founder and principal of K9HS, I am passionate about offering high quality healthcare to dogs so they can be the best they can be. My team of advanced veterinary physiotherapists share my vision and practice ethos of canine centred practice, supporting owners and working together to offer the best service we can. (more…)


Sarah is the Clinical Manager of K9HS and works closely with Barbara to offer the best service to Suffolk, north Essex and south Norfolk areas. She is an experienced small animal Veterinary Physiotherapist and advanced canine hydrotherapist. Sarah's background in clinical management as well as her 15 years experience as a Registered Veterinary Nurse empowers the comprehensive clinical services K9HS offers you. (more…)


Mel is a small animal veterinary physiotherapist and advanced canine hydrotherapist passionate about her clinical services for the dogs in her care at K9HS. She enjoys working with agility dogs and actively supporting their owners, linking this to training and performance at all levels.  (more…)

Eleanor Garwood BSc, AdvCertVPhys, MIRVAP

Eleanor is a lead small animal Veterinary Physiotherapist and advanced canine hydrotherapist with a particular passion for Labrador Retrievers. She is all about making sure every dog receives the best treatment available and works closely with Barbara.  (more…)

Mell Matthews PgCertSART, BSc(Hons), MCSP, HCPC, MIRVAP

Mell is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a small animal Veterinary Physiotherapist specialising in canine agility, rehabilitation and advanced hydrotherapy. She believes that every dog deserves the best therapy and promotes this animal centred practice in her clinics at K9HS and in her own mobile service "Dogworks". Barbara and Mell share a passion for the athletic dog and a pro-active approach of body conditioning and canine performance enhancement work. (more…)

Susanne Pender PgCertSART, BSc(Hons), MCSP, HCPC, MIRVAP

Susanne is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a small animal Veterinary Physiotherapist specialising in all aspects of canine healthcare and advanced hydrotherapy. She lives in Surrey and commutes to K9HS to work in specialist clinics with Barbara and embraces our animal centred practice that provides dogs and owners a complete therapy rehabilitation package.  (more…)

Maria Johnston AdvCertVPhys, Tellington TTouch Practitioner (level 3), MIRVAP, APDT, CBWA

Maria is the GB agility team veterinary physiotherapist and specialises in canine fitness, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. She has worked in association with Barbara for 16 years delivering a range of exciting practical courses both in Suffolk and at her own rehabilitation centre. (more…)