Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

We are passionate about delivering the best hydrotherapy treatment available so each dog can enjoy their life to the full and continue to share those special moments with their owners. We get astonishing results and want to share these with you through our new and revolutionary training programmes.

ABC Awards repeatedly award K9HS direct claim status for our outstanding performance in delivering every aspect of the Level 3 Certificate, leading to consistent amazing results for our course candidates who go forward into practice and open their own centres.

As an approved ABC Awards centre we offer you:

  • We provide you with choices and offer you 3 different K9HS fast track courses to choose from to achieve your ABC Awards qualification.
  • Both options 1 and 2 are inclusive courses that are open to all who share our passion for dogs and best practice and consist of a three month course of study. These courses incorporate a fantastic hands on practical element that is linked to an amazing online course Forum full of learning resources. Plus you have full time access to a closed membership group for continual supported study and advice
  • Option 1: Superfast Track course offering you nine continuous days of practical hands on training at K9HS
  • Option 2: Fast Track two centred offers you two practical hands on elements, 5 days at K9HS, Suffolk and a month later a second 5 day practical at Active Balance, Hinckley, Leics.
  • Option 3: For Veterinary Physiotherapists and includes a 3 day hands on practical training experience along with 6 weeks of supported online studies and closed membership group for guidance, differentiated training and additional resources. This option has inbuilt RPL / RPEL for the course units to ensure you have a training opportunity to catapult your clinical skills forwards.
  • We ensure you have the latest learning resources to build your knowledge, understanding and skills, enabling you to choose when and where you wish to study around your work and home commitments.
  • Training instructors who are leading Veterinary Physiotherapists with post graduate awards, specialising in small animal hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and delivering high quality training
  • Superb opportunities in our veterinary hydrotherapy clinics to experience our movement enrichment and therapeutic handling techniques along with a range of advanced treatment techniques
  • A wide range of breeds with real problems, you are fully supported working in our clinics and have lots of opportunities to meet our owners and work with their lovely dogs
  • One to one hands on training with Barbara Houlding, the first UK Accredited Clinical Educator in Veterinary Physiotherapy (awarded by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). She designed, delivered and examined the canine component of the ACPAT Core Knowledge and Skills Course. Barbara trained physiotherapists for 10 years at the Royal Veterinary College on all aspects of small animal therapy as part of the Masters of Science in Veterinary Physiotherapy. She was then Co-Course Director for the Nottingham Veterinary School’s Post Graduate Certificate (PgC) in Small Animal Rehabilitation for 4 years, teaching all aspects of hydrotherapy at level 7
  • Free professional mentorship for 6 months after you achieve your award on a one to one basis with Barbara
  • Free membership to the K9HS closed group for exciting free CPD, live teaching, support and discussion
  • Free Individual Assessment Days (IAD) demanded by CHA and NARCH as part of their membership requirements are incorporated into our unique “hands on” practical enriched programme
  • An additional free canine first aid certificate for our comprehensive first aid and health check component
  • Optional extra clinical placement days offering further one to one skill development. This can be at K9HS or at Active Balance and is ideal for those new to this industry
  • A registration process to make sure all your queries are answered. This is not an attendance only course. You are supported in completing your assessment portfolio for submission, marking and moderation, to meet the ABC Awards requirements and attain this award


We offer you

2018 offers you a choice of fast track courses to achieve the Level 3 Certificate in hydrotherapy for small animals:

1. A Superfast Track course consisting of 3 months online teaching, resources and support with an intensive 9 day hands on practical element using state of the art equipment and supported by accredited instructors at K9HS

2. A Fast Track Two centred course of 3 months online teaching, resources and support with two 5 day hands on practical training (10 days hands on practical), the first being at K9HS and the second at Active Balance in Hinckley, Leics, one month apart

3. A Veterinary Physiotherapist’s Superfast Track course of 2 months with amazing online teaching, resources and support with a 3 day intensive hands on practical training at K9HS with RPL / RPEL in place recognising VP’s skills and experiences

Your chosen course starts once you receive your username and password and you log on to our fantastic online L3 Certificate Course Forum plus you are invited to have free access to our K9HS Pro Forum group providing you with free CPD, live teaching and lots of great resources. This empowers you to steer your online learning schedule at a pace and times to suit you.

The practical hands on elements are a great opportunity to work alongside specialists in hydrotherapy and develop your hands on skills. By developing your own tool box of assessment and treatment techniques you can offer safe and current practice that leads to amazing results for the dogs in your therapeutic care.

We recognise you have a preferred style of learning, so we fit the programme to each person, whether you are new to canine hydrotherapy or an experienced therapist. We are delighted to be a part of your career journey and your success is our success.

Course dates and pricing

K9HS ABC Awards L3 Certificate in hydrotherapy:

2018 Autumn Fast Track 2 centred dates: FULL

Course start date: Thurs 16th August 2018

Practical training element 1 @ K9HS, Suffolk: Sat 15th – Wed 19th Sept 2018
Practical training element 2 @ Active Balance, Hinckley, Leics: Sun 21st – Thurs 25th Oct 2018

Final submission date for assignments: Mon 12th Nov 2018

2018 Autumn Superfast Track Continuous dates: FULL

Courses start date: Mon 3rd Sept 2018

Practical training element @ K9HS, Suffolk: Sat 3rd – Sun 11th Nov 2018

Final submission date for assignments: Mon 19th Nov 2018

2018 Vet Physio SFT dates: FULL

Course start date:  Mon 1st May 2018

Practical training element @ K9HS, Suffolk: Sat 23rd June – Mon 25th June 2018

Final submission date for assignments: Tues 10th July 2018


Level 3 Certificate pricing:

Option 1 & 2: Superfast Track Continuous and Fast Track 2 centred courses:  £2700

A non refundable £500 deposit secures your offered place following successful registration, with the balance of £2200 being paid prior to commencement of the course.

Option 3: Veterinary Physiotherapist Superfast Track course: £995

A non refundable £500 deposit secures your offered place following successful registration, with the balance of £495 being paid prior to commencement of the course.

Application and registration process

Step 1: Contact the K9HS Course Registrar for an application form at:


Step 2: Complete the application form and return it for processing

Step 3: Telephone interview to ensure you understand all aspects of the course: delivery, assessment, your responsibilities and our role working with you to assist your professional development

Step 4: Following a successful interview you will be sent a letter of confirmation offering you a provisional place on the course. Payment of the non refundable deposit secures your place and we send you the Course Handbook to prepare for your studies

Step 5: Payment of the balance is required two weeks prior to the course start date. You will then receive your username and password to access the online element of the course on the open date.