• L3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for small animals update

    Tue 15 May 2018

    The ABC Awards Level 3 Diploma in hydrotherapy for small animals is the top up course following  your successful completion of the ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in hydrotherapy (29 credits). The Diploma offers you a choice of units and needs 12 more credits to attain the required 41 credits required to achieve this award.

    ABC Awards are currently reviewing their suite of hydrotherapy qualifications and K9HS has decided to freeze their diploma training programme and wait for the newly reviewed qualification with its significant changes to be ratified and released.

    We believe you deserve the best training opportunities and choices. As The Professionals that train professionals, and holding the gold standard for hydrotherapy training, the wait is in the best interest for the dogs and your service development, as it is all about the dog!

  • 2018 Level 5 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy update

    Mon 22 Jan 2018

    We have had the most exciting two days introducing advanced canine aquatic  physiotherapeutic assessment and treatment techniques to the new cohort here at K9HS Physiotherapy. The first day it snowed and the second day we has sunny Suffolk for a few hours before the light faded! The weather made no difference to the training and having a shared passion for the dog made the first introduction placement a joy.

    Tackling the proprioceptive system and its key role in canine movement and how to integrate a layered advanced treatment programme for the individual dog was more than I had hoped to cover on the intro days!! Fantastic and roll on February for the next placement. The online resources and the exciting training forum were launched as well, so no matter where you choose to live: Spain, France, Ireland or in the UK, we can reach , mentor and support you all! Thanks to the K9HS team and the wonderful dogs who participated in our hands on practical sessions. Love the learning and the sharing!


  • Launch of the new K9HS Superfast Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals

    Tue 16 Jan 2018

    Launching a new style of hydrotherapy course that changes boundaries and uses innovative design is exciting and can be a little nerve racking! K9HS is known for pushing forward boundaries in response to our course delegate feedback, however, our new practical enriched timetable of even more hands on training linked to our fantastic online resources and information takes the Level 3 Certificate delivery to the next level.

    Your amazing response to our limited places means we filled the course in a matter of a few weeks, this reinforces that prospective course delegates know what they want! We will always listen to you and in response to your demands the summer and autumn dates are now out!

    K9HS Physiotherapy is the gold standard in hydrotherapy training and advancing your canine career. If you share our passion for the wonderful dogs we are so privileged to work with, please get in touch for more information:

    Course Registrar:

    Your success is our success and we are the Professionals that train professionals.

  • Sneak preview of our NEW training and CPD for 2018

    Tue 14 Nov 2017

    Check out our K9HS facebook page to see the latest taster of our amazing training and CPD programme for 2018. We are so excited to see the release date getting nearer.

    If you are a K9 therapist or hope to move into this area of work, then do have a look at the NEW CPD and training we are offering, there is something for everyone. We are the Professionals that train professionals and have the highest quality CPD specifically designed for you.

    Whether you are starting out and building a solid foundation in canine hydrotherapy by completing the ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in hydrotherapy for small animals, or hoping to advance your services and progress to the ABC Awards Level 4 Certificate and Level 5 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy, we are the gold standard.

    The Level 4 Certificate concentrates on advanced treatment techniques and the Level 5 Diploma will be truly transformational to the services you provide.

    We also offer individual customised Clinical Placements for one to one training, delivered by accredited trainers who are canine Veterinary Physiotherapists specialising in water based physiotherapy (AKA canine hydrotherapy).

    Contact our course Registrar for more information:

  • NEW Super Fast Track Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

    Thu 5 Oct 2017

    2018 is going to be an amazing year of choices of high quality training and courses for you!

    Our NEW Super Fast Track ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals starts in January and rolls over throughout the year. We listened to your feedback and agree that you should have choices in your career journey.

    Adding this Super Fast Track course alongside our Fast Track two centred Level 3 Certificate course we provide you with the very best training in canine hydrotherapy.

  • CHA Award to K9HS for outstanding service to the hydrotherapy industry

    Tue 20 Jun 2017

    Barbara’s thanks:

    “Thank you to the CHA and I am deeply honoured and delighted to receive this amazing award. I have been taught well by all the attendees on the ACPAT CK&S courses, the Royal Veterinary College Masters programme in veterinary physiotherapy, the Nottingham Vet School’s PGCert in small animal rehabilitation and the K9HS courses, CPD and placements. It has been a privilege to be a part of each person’s career journey and to have been involved with so many caring owners and wonderful dogs. Imagine what this growing community of canine therapists offering progressive services can achieve! These are such exciting times for the industry, with the CHA leading the way in the hydrotherapy sector. A special thank you to the brilliant K9HS team in supporting a shared vision of best practice for each dog and the belief that you all have a right to choice in your ongoing training and CPD opportunities to advance your practice and skills. Thank you so much to everyone in the CHA for your votes and support of our “animal centred and owner focussed approach.”

  • ABC Awards L3 Certificate Hydro: autumn course 1 place left

    Sun 18 Jun 2017

    We have jut one place left for our autumn level 3 ABC Awards Certificate in hydrotherapy for small animals. We have also opened the Winter L3 Certificate course dates which are now published on the website. Just click on training and courses and then click on L3 Certificate in hydrotherapy. The dates are in the accordion at the bottom of the page for you to view.

    Our course registrar will be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in developing your skills and knowledge in this rewarding sector, its all about working with each dog and owner to offer the best service you can for the dogs in your care. It is the very best job ever!

  • Filming at K9HS: watch this space

    Sat 20 May 2017

    A very busy time in 2017 at K9HS filming some amazing footage to share. Check out what we are up to on our K9HS facebook page and see our facebook live updates

  • 2017 summer ABC Awards L3 Certificate in hydro: 90% full

    Sat 20 May 2017

    The K9HS fast track summer course for the ABC Awards Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy is 90% full and we have opened up the late autumn course due to demand. We offer a very strong practical component where you gain a large range of current treatment techniques that are all about offering the best treatment programme for the dog and supporting the owner.

    This pioneering way of content delivery by specialist veterinary physiotherapists offers you 10 days of intensive “hands on” training, geared to your pace and how you learn best The course is held at two different leading hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centres (5 days at each). We start the online learning programme in August so you are fully prepared for the first placement here is sunny Suffolk.

    For more information please go to Training and Courses and click on Level 3 Certificate to read all you need to know about this qualification, our animal centred approach and the practical training we provide.

  • 2017 spring ABC Awards L3 Certificate in hydrotherapy: Full

    Wed 22 Feb 2017

    The 2017 spring Fast Track ABC Awards level 3 Certificate in hydrotherapy filled up so quickly. This amazing programme is all about helping you develop your skills and knowledge so you can build your practice with support and guidance from the best, to be the best.

    Our course storms ahead of the rest to offer you the most exciting training in small animal hydrotherapy in the UK delivered by specialist veterinary physiotherapists; Barbara Houlding and Maria Johnston and the K9HS team. read more