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Our Promise

We believe your dog or cat deserve the best treatment available and we aim to solve their mobility problems or fitness challenges. Working together we achieve significant improvement, making a real difference to the quality of your dog or cat’s movement and function.

Our animal centred and owner focused approach offers an integrated treatment that is devised to specifically meet your dog or cat’s needs. The treatment may include land based physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation techniques and fitness plans. Our treatment programmes are delivered by advanced practitioners who are qualified veterinary physiotherapists specialising in small animal hydrotherapy and rehabilitation and always use Therapeutic Handling.

We build a caring and therapeutic bond with your dog to gain their trust and confidence, so they work actively with us in a connected, calm and focused way. Using Clinic Enrichment and Therapeutic Handling, our proprioceptive approach along with your dog or cat’s individual treatment plan achieves amazing results. We support you with a home plan and expert advice.

No matter what your dog’s age, breed or problem, our holistic treatment optimises their recovery after injury or surgery and promotes fitness, mobility and good health. We use proactive treatments too, aiming to prevent movement problems occurring and improve fitness and performance in the working dog and canine athlete.


Our suite of interlinking therapy rooms includes a heated hydro pool, a bespoke underwater treadmill, a range of therapeutic ramps, therapy shower systems, underwater pods and therapeutic massager. We offer advanced aquatic treatments to include aquatic canine “pawlates” and body balance conditioning.

Using Therapeutic Handling we gently guide your dog into the pool or underwater treadmill and achieve a calm and controlled entry. We have “hands on contact” with your dog at all times and you are an important part of the session to support your dog in their treatment whether it is a land based treatment, water based in the wet rooms or an integrated session.

We maintain the highest water quality at all times and we have regular external water tests and certification by Kingfisher Environmental Ltd, the UK specialists in this sector.