Veterinary referral

Vet Referral Form

What is a referral?

A canine physiotherapist offers specific physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, aquatic therapy, rehabilitation and positive behaviour solutions for dogs, whereas a veterinary physiotherapist may cover a breadth of rehabilitation practice for large (e.g. equine, farmyard), humans and small animals.

Concentrating on a specific area of practice, canine veterinary physiotherapists have an extensive knowledge linked to advanced clinical skills, as well as often having access to a more extensive range of sophisticated equipment. Our team see many complex cases on a regular basis and lead the way in this sector.

K9HS highly values its large network of referring Veterinary Surgeons, veterinary clinics and hospitals, as well as receiving second referrals from other therapists. Working within the UK legal framework, we require a written referral from your Veterinary Surgeon so we can then book your appointment. Our straight forward system to do this is explained in how to make an appointment.