K9HS Stories: Blondie’s Story

I knew something wasn’t right with Blondie. We had taken Blondie to the vet and had been told that he had mild hip dysplasia and to “carry on as normal” . Blondie’s behaviour had changed and my friend Cassie (dog sitter and walker) had noticed this too. Whilst I’m sure part of that was due to his teenage period and then castration, when he attended K9HS for his assessment it identified that Blondie was in discomfort.

Following a couple of treatment sessions and a period of controlled exercise and therapeutic harness walking I certainly noticed a difference. He is walking straighter, ” trots” along nicely, does less bunny hopping and has more control over his body. For example he can now come down the stairs in a controlled manner – and yes I know he shouldn’t be on the stairs! We now know how to try and give Blondie a ” normal” doggy life whilst hopefully preventing him from overdoing it. We now know what the signs are if he has over done it.

Blondie has, despite efforts at socialisation always been nervy. Barbara at K9HS took time to work with him and always explained to me about all the different techniques and therapeutic handling she used and why. Hence his treatment has been a positive thing for him and I have been able to relax too!

SH, Blondie’s owner