K9HS Stories: Daisy’s story

A few months before Daisy’s 13th birthday in 2013, we were becoming increasingly concerned about her mobility. Her back legs seemed to be weakening more and more and she sometimes dragged her back end, particularly after her favourite pastime of going into streams to “dive” for stones and then climb back up the bank, and she was easily knocked over by waves when playing on the beach.

We appreciated that she was already an elderly golden retriever, but felt that there must be something we could do, as – apart from her back legs – she was in very good health. We came across Barbara and her team at K9HS. Having previously used hydrotherapy services for many years with a previous golden retriever, we were a little cynical when Barbara offered both  a land-based and water-based treatment programme, alongside sharing with us some of her deep wealth of knowledge on (sometimes strange-sounding!) exercises and techniques that we could practise ourselves at home.

Despite our reservations, we did all the “homework” and started Barbara’s programme at K9HS. Within a fairly short time, we were seeing amazing results. Daisy became much more mobile and was again able to pursue all her favourite pastimes in streams and on beaches. We never expected such a transformation. We have continued Barbara’s suggested maintenance programme for over a year and Daisy celebrated her 14th birthday last month. Without a shadow of doubt, Barbara’s skill, dedication and professionalism have extended Daisy’s lifespan and have made it possible for her to do all the things she loves once again. She just loves life and her many adventures.

We would definitely tell anyone, regardless of their dog’s advancing age, to try K9HS’s treatments. We never expected Daisy to still be with us in 2015, because she was already so old, but we feel that dogs really are never too old to benefit from Barbara’s services.

Georgina Kennedy and Neil Dyer, Offton, Suffolk, owners of Daisy, 14-year-old golden retriever.