K9HS Stories: Shady’s Story

Shady had keyhole surgery on her elbows at 8 months old.  She had to have total rest for 3 months after her operation, which was tough for such a young dog.  It was recommended to us that we include hydrotherapy as part of her recovery.  K9HS were recommended to us, which was great as we had not looked into hydrotherapy services before. Barbara and team have been wonderful with Shady.  She is quite a shy dog, but very willing to please.

Barbara did the initial assessment where she identified her needs and did some immediate physiotherapy to help ease some tension where she had been walking badly.

Barbara was quick to understand Shady’s personality and match her style of working to suit her. The following sessions were about introducing Shady to the hydro pool, which was done gently and used Therapeutic Handling.  The customised progamme included land based physiotherapy and useful advice every session.

All of the treatment was done with such kindness. The team at K9HS have also been very good at guiding me in how I can best help Shady with her recovery, making sure I knew the best exercises, best techniques and using the right equipment.

We now visit every so often and Shady loves her maintenance programme, pulling me to the door and keen to get started. Shady is a very sweet, gentle dog and I have really appreciated the sensitivity and calmness of the environment at K9HS.

Susie Weston, Shady’s owner