Our Team

Eleanor Garwood BSc, AdvCertVPhys, MIRVAP

Eleanor is a lead small animal Veterinary Physiotherapist and advanced canine hydrotherapist with a particular passion for Labrador Retrievers. She is all about making sure every dog receives the best treatment available and works closely with Barbara. 

Eleanor has over 18 years experience working with animals including a BSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training. She worked at Colchester Zoo for 6 years as a senior zoo keeper, working with and training animals such as tigers, wolves, pygmy hippos and philippine spotted deer along with many other species. As a Veterinary Physiotherapist she has worked with exotics too!

Her past experience in training search dogs for both drug and explosive detection work as well as training german shepherds and belgian malinois for police work and dog sports such as schutzhund and KNPV adds to her wealth of canine skills.

Eleanor is devoted to her two wonderful Labrador Retrievers called Zach and Oakley and her arab’s Rheena and River and their pony companion Jigsaw.