• 2018 Level 5 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy update

    Mon 22 Jan 2018

    We have had the most exciting two days introducing advanced canine aquatic  physiotherapeutic assessment and treatment techniques to the new cohort here at K9HS Physiotherapy. The first day it snowed and the second day we has sunny Suffolk for a few hours before the light faded! The weather made no difference to the training and having a shared passion for the dog made the first introduction placement a joy.

    Tackling the proprioceptive system and its key role in canine movement and how to integrate a layered advanced treatment programme for the individual dog was more than I had hoped to cover on the intro days!! Fantastic and roll on February for the next placement. The online resources and the exciting training forum were launched as well, so no matter where you choose to live: Spain, France, Ireland or in the UK, we can reach , mentor and support you all! Thanks to the K9HS team and the wonderful dogs who participated in our hands on practical sessions. Love the learning and the sharing!