• Launch of the new K9HS Superfast Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals

    Tue 16 Jan 2018

    Launching a new style of hydrotherapy course that changes boundaries and uses innovative design is exciting and can be a little nerve racking! K9HS is known for pushing forward boundaries in response to our course delegate feedback, however, our new practical enriched timetable of even more hands on training linked to our fantastic online resources and information takes the Level 3 Certificate delivery to the next level.

    Your amazing response to our limited places means we filled the course in a matter of a few weeks, this reinforces that prospective course delegates know what they want! We will always listen to you and in response to your demands the summer and autumn dates are now out!

    K9HS Physiotherapy is the gold standard in hydrotherapy training and advancing your canine career. If you share our passion for the wonderful dogs we are so privileged to work with, please get in touch for more information:

    Course Registrar:  courses@k9hydroservices.co.uk

    Your success is our success and we are the Professionals that train professionals.