• Accredited L5 Diploma in hydrotherapy: 2018 dates soon to be released

    Sun 8 Jan 2017

    The 2018 course dates are soon to be released. We are committed to offering you the very best training at three leading centres so you experience a wide range of current hydrotherapy for the out patient, in patient and athletic dog. We ensure the highest quality of hands on training, one to one teaching and individual support enabling you to further progress your hydrotherapy career.

    Accredited Level 5 Diploma in hydrotherapy for small animals: ABC Awards licenced, certificated & audited

    This annual part time course (Jan to Oct) is aimed at professionals who wish to develop a wide range of advanced clinical skills linked to current scientific knowledge and evidence based practice. Centre management including water management is covered in depth, with this course encompassing every aspect you require to achieve a highly successful hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centre that delivers best practice.

    The Level 5 Diploma is an accredited and licensed course and the highest award available in the small animal hydrotherapy industry in the UK. For more details and information please click on the link above.

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