Please note: We are open and providing clinical services to our current K9HS clients and those registered with us over the past 14 years. We are full and not taking new cases at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

K9HS Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy
Services in Suffolk

As canine physiotherapists specialising in hydrotherapy, we and aim to solve your dog’s mobility and fitness challenges using a range of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation treatment techniques.

K9HS believes your dog is entitled to a caring and effective treatment. We devise an individual treatment programme to meet your dog’s specific needs and achieve real improvement. Our Movement Enrichment techniques are dog centred and key to achieving happy, healthy dogs. 

Get to Know K9HS

K9HS is where every paw counts

We support you with specialist advice and a home plan designed specifically for your lovely dog. Whatever your dog’s age or problem we achieve significant improvement.

Our proactive approach includes an assessment each session to re-evaluate your canine plan and ensure the treatment session is perfect for your dog’s ongoing needs.

OUR Client stories

Meet Mr. Darcy

My name is Mr Darcy and I am a short-haired Chihuahua. I am highly intelligent and although I say it myself, very handsome! In 2013, when I was around 6-months old, I was experiencing excruciating pain and my vet diagnosed me with Legge-Perthes disease in my right hip. This is a condition where...

Meet Shady

Shady had keyhole surgery on both her elbows at 8 months old and then had to have total rest for 3 months, which was tough for such a young dog.  K9HS were recommended to us to help with Shady's recovery, which was great as we had not looked into physiotherapy or hydrotherapy services before....

Who we are

We’re a team of highly qualified physiotherapists specialising in canine physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.

 We support you with specialist advice and devise an individual treatment programme to meet your dog’s specific needs. Whatever your dog’s age or problem we achieve real improvement so together you continue your timeless partnership.

Sarah ward –

clinical services principal


As canine specialists, we believe it’s all about the dog and supporting the owner every step of the way. At K9HS we offer you the complete package, with a bespoke service of land based canine physiotherapy, advanced canine hydrotherapy, positive behavioural solutions and rehabilitation techniques.

Our vision is to offer the best canine clinical service to Suffolk and the surrounding areas, providing a high quality holistic approach for the wonderful dogs in our care, plus ongoing support for their owners. 

Barbara HoulDing –

Courses, CPD + Training principal 

GradDipPhys,MScVetPhys, MCSP, FIRVAP

As the first UK accredited clinical educator in veterinary physiotherapy we have built our expansive clinical services alongside our accredited training and canine courses. Our aim is to achieve excellence in all areas of canine care and therapy. 

We aim to continue to advance our canine face to face and online courses to lead the way as an accredited canine training provider. We help provide owners, canine professionals and those working with dogs a choice of courses and training opportunities to advance their canine skills and care.


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K9HS is the UK home base for K9HS Courses and we have 3 linked satellite centres we use to support our practical training. These are based in Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. Our vision is to positively support and mentor those who love working with dogs.

We provide a diverse choice of training opportunities and canine resources. By sharing a wide range of canine skills, we can optimise the care for the wonderful dogs in our lives. K9HS Courses advocates making every canine therapeutic touch count and working with the dog and their consent.


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