how we work

 We support you with specialist advice and devise an individual treatment programme to meet your dog’s specific needs. Whatever your dog’s age or problem we achieve real improvement so together you continue your timeless partnership.

We build a therapeutic bond with your dog to gain their trust and confidence where they choose to work actively with us in a connected, calm and focused way. Canine Movement Enrichment techniques such as Clinic Enrichment and Therapeutic Handling are proprioceptive enriched and key to your dog’s individual treatment plan.

We love working with the older dog providing the therapeutic care, support and management they need. We specialise in canine arthritis, neurological problems, musculoskeletal injuries and post operative care. For the canine athlete and working dog, our proactive approach maximises their fitness and skills specific to their role.

Appointments + pricing


Initial consultation:
60 minutes  —  £55 (excl VAT)

Follow up sessions:
45- 55 mins —  
£55 (excl VAT )

If your dog needs a little more time we provide this at no extra cost. We try to work to time in our clinics and have allowances scheduled in to ensure we can offer you the best service.

All our clinic sessions are by appointment only and we ask you to complete our straightforward 3-step registration process:

Our registration process is straight forward and we look forward to meeting you and your dog at your first booked clinic appointment. We discuss what you need to bring on the phone before you attend.

You are welcome to book an initial 10 minute visit to meet us and see our facilities prior to making your first appointment and your dog is welcome too! This is an additional free option we offer to ensure all your queries are answered. A few clients like to request this option.

Contact Details

K9HS Unit 21, The Business Centre
Earl Soham, The Street
Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 7SA

Tues – Sat 9am to 5pm
Clinic phone: 01728 685755

Bespoke home visit services

We have a linked practice with Animal Mechanics Veterinary Physio run by veterinary physiotherapist, Eleanor Garwood. This provides our clients direct access to an outstanding home visit service in Suffolk and the surrounding areas.

Contact Details

Phone: +44 7818 218488

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K9 Hydro Services
Unit 21, The Business Centre,
Earl Soham,
Suffolk, IP13 7SA

Tel: 01728 685755

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