Treatment programmes

Initial consultation

Therapeutic Handling techniques help your dog work together with us to achieve the best land based assessment. We then devise a specific treatment programme and home plan following our discussion and agreement how best to progress forwards.

Clients consistently tell us they choose K9HS because they love the way we bond with their dogs using Therapeutic Handling and Movement Enrichment techniques. We care that your dog trusts and works actively with us, resulting in amazing results and positive outcomes.

Initial consultation 60 minutes £55 VAT incl

Treatment session

We re-assess every session and use a range of canine outcome measures to monitor and record your dog’s progress, ensuring the treatment is effective and meets the goals we discussed and agreed with you.

[zilla_toggle title=”Common conditions regularly referred to K9HS” state=”open”]

  • Trauma-related injuries to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, skin and bone
  • Functional problems in dogs of any age or breed (e.g struggling with stairs, stiff on rising or after exercise, toileting issues etc)
  • Back and neck pain
  • Fitness analysis and programmes
  • Performance improvement in the athletic or working dog
  • Reduced function, stiffness and muscle weakness in elderly dogs
  • Obesity and weight related issues
  • Neurological problems (e.g. Intervertebral disc disease – IVDD, Chronic degenerative radiculomyopathy – CDRM, fibrocartilaginous embolism – FCE, lumbosacral disease etc)
  • Pre- and post-orthopaedic surgery (e.g. Cranial cruciate repair, tibial osteotomies, femoral head and neck excision – FHNE, total hip replacement – THR, etc)Fit for purpose programme


[zilla_toggle title=”Treatment goals we discuss with you may include” state=”open”]

  • Effective pain management
  • Optimising the healing process
  • Maintaining and retraining cardiovascular endurance
  • Minimising excess scar formation to produce a strong elastic scar capable of supporting future athletic stresses in active, working and athletic dogs
  • Performance improvement in the athletic or working dog
  • Improving reduced function, stiffness and muscle weakness in elderly animals
  • Improving the ability to do everyday activities (rising in the morning or after exercise, toileting, getting in and out of the car, going up and down stairs, etc)
  • Maintaining and regaining effective core stability, proprioceptive function, joint function, muscle length, strength and endurance
  • Preventing musculo-skeletal problems and promoting good health


[zilla_toggle title=”Treatment techniques may include” state=”open”]

  • Canine aquatic therapies and hydrotherapy
  • Manual therapies:

Joint mobilisation and manipulation therapies

Soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation therapies (massage therapies)

  • Movement Enrichment therapies:

Proprioceptive enriched Movement Shaping

Canine natural body balance work

Motor sequencing and motor patterning

                Clinic Enrichment work

  • Graduated movement exercises and proprioceptive enriched rehabilitation techniques including:

Canine pawlates

Canine PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

Canine core stability work

  • Electrotherapy modalities:

Pulsed electro -magnatherapy

LASER and phototherapy

Ultrasound therapy

  • Physical therapies: thermotherapy and cryotherapy
  • Therapeutic Handling
  • Positive behavioural modification work to achieve active focus and confidence
  • Health promotion and fitness programme
  • Expert advice and an individual home plan


Follow up treatment sessions 45-55 minutes £55 VAT incl